Buy Anavar – 5 Things To Know When You Are Dating A Fit Guy

From his endless hours of searching for anavar for sale to his relentless obsession with more chicken than you have ever seen in your whole entire life, dating a fit guy is a weird world with plenty of perks and quirks. These 5 are especially common…

He Hates Chicken… He Loves Chicken.

Chicken is bland and boring AF but he loves chicken for its powerful punch of lean proteins that are really hard to find in any other food outside of a chalky protein shake. The best thing you can do if you are really annoyed by his chicken habit is to just ignore it and keep on eating the things that you enjoy. Pressing him too hard on changing his diet can backfire because, rest assured, he works really hard to stay in shape. While it may seem trivial to you, messing with his chicken addiction is kind of the equivalent to telling you your dress is ugly. #SorryNotSorry

He Wishes You Would Stop Telling Him He Is Getting Too Big… You’re Killing His Vibe.

He already knows that you think that he hits the weights so hard to impress you and while that is certainly a perk — it is not the main reason that he lifts. He does it because he loves it. You probably already knew that when you met him. From the Anavar to the deadlifts, the thrill of working out is watching your own body change. It is incredibly rewarding. Telling him that you do not want him to get any bigger leaves him feeling torn between you and working out. Don’t make him choose.

He Will Make You Feel Safe and He Loves It Just as Much as You Do.

It is simply survival of the fittest when it comes to attraction and women are pre-programmed to look for a mate that can protect them against danger. Don’t shoot the messenger… it dates back to the caveman era. There is no shame in it though because it is pure genetics. When you are dating a guy who can bench a small bus, you will feel like nothing on earth can harm you and while he cannot stop a twister with his bare hands… if he loves you, he will do anything in his power to keep you safe because knowing he can protect you makes him feel needed and necessary.

He Might Be Willing to Nix the Gym If You Let Him Workout at Home. Really.

Working out at the gym can become a real problem for some couples. You may be afraid to bring it up but it is one area that he is likely to understand – ironically. The gym is filled with fit, good looking people in small outfits. That is because it is pretty damn humid in the gym and while that is not why he goes, he can certainly understand how it might make you feel uneasy. If this is the case, talk to him about it before you up and leave him over it. Chances are he will be more than willing to work out at home with you if you make room for everything he needs to do so adequately. If he still does not get it, ask him how he would feel if you joined a gym where he did not go and spent three hours a day there surrounded by buff guys taking anavar while wearing your skimpiest outfit. That he will REALLY understand. (He will also be impressed that you know what anavar is. #BrowniePoints)

He Probably Does Not Care If You Work Out with Him. In Fact, He Probably Wishes You Wouldn’t.

Most people find a lot of release in exercise. It is a great way to unwind and think by yourself. So if you are not into the things that he is into — it really is not a big deal at all. He probably prefers working out alone and while that may seem harsh there are probably plenty of things that you enjoy that you would rather he not be around for. That also does not mean that he enjoys working out with people who are not you either so don’t let that fool you. Most guys prefer to be left the hell alone while they work out. Really — when that one guy comes up to us and starts talking… we usually move or fake an injury.  We avoid the girls at the gym too. Honest. They usually avoid the weight room anyway.

From trying to buy Anavar shop at midnight in between Sportscenter commercials to convincing you that chicken is always a good idea, dating a fit guy can be challenging but if you can put up with the weirdness that comes along with his gym habit… you will never regret it. Guys who lift tend to be loyal and hard working. They prefer sticking with something that works and investing more and more in it to keep seeing great results… and that goes for relationships too.