Anabolic Steroids And Their Uses

An anabolic steroid is a pharmaceutical chemical that resembles naturally occurring hormones produced in our body. Initially, these drugs were manufactured for the safe and legal treatment of specific hormone imbalances, muscle-wasting disorders such as AIDS and endocrine diseases. But, these steroids are also common in illegal markets among sports personalities seeking a competitive edge.

The male sex hormone, testosterone has a close link with anabolic steroids. Testosterone is a hormone that’s crucial for physical maturation and sexual development. For example, in males, testosterone is behind the masculinizing or androgenic properties during puberty. Also, it has muscle-building or anabolic influences during adolescence. A few people cannot possibly make sufficient amount of testosterone internally. The medical community therefore made anabolic steroids for addressing such issues.

Anabolic Steroids Abuse

In the modern era, increasing publicity has been surrounding Anadrol anabolic steroid’s illegal abuse among professional athletes and students. This drug abuse variety is supposedly widespread among college athletes, high school students, and also Olympic players. These athletes want to benefit from the illicit drug’s anti-catabolic effects for building muscle and preventing break down of tissue. These drugs could make them stronger, faster, and much more efficient. Despite this, multiple complications are commonly associated with this kind of drug abuse.

Anabolic steroids abuse ranges from harmful health risks and negative side effects to a higher probability of contracting specific diseases related to needle injection, which includes HIV. Individuals who indulge in performance-enhancing drug abuse could inject the steroid intra-muscularly, in liquid or pill forms, or absorb them via topical lotions. There are multiple steroid abuse drawbacks, which includes increased risks of suffering a liver failure, stroke, heart attack, etc. Moreover, there are different androgenic effects, which include unnecessary fat redistribution, voice alterations or hair growth in females, and impotency or testicle shrinkage in men. Several organizations are making efforts to increase awareness and oversee drug distribution for reducing abuse incidences.

Anabolic Steroids Uses

These steroids were originally created to facilitate proper muscular and skeletal growth in individuals with regenerative disorders. Modern medical and health science notices various anabolic steroid uses – one among them being helping ward off bone and muscle petrification. These steroids are also connected with assisting proper pituitary gland hormone secretion levels. And the steroid has also been instrumental in helping individuals make the female-to-male transition.

Anabolic steroids’ medical uses have been known for helping alleviate a few symptoms linked with intense muscle damage. There are several ailments indirectly or directly affecting the muscles, such as dystrophy or fibromyalgia. People who are suffering from muscle degenerative disorders are generally administered oral steroids for promoting strong muscle growth, since the body will find it tough to create the right hormone levels sans anabolic steroid usage. The steroid functions by influencing a sudden spike in the body’s testosterone levels, which usually results in the muscles regenerating with time.

Rather than affecting the muscles, a few disorders directly petrify skeletal system bone formation. Individuals suffering from diseases such as fibrodysplasia ossificans progressivian have been cured of their chronic symptoms when proper medical professionals administer the steroid. Anabolic steroid usage is linked to helping individuals regulate bone petrification-associated pain. Along with rehabilitation, anabolic steroid not just helps promote muscle growth, but also assist with bone regrowth in cases involving degenerative bone diseases.

Adolescent males adversely affected by pituitary gland problems are given anabolic steroid injections to help regulate and normalize proper levels of the hormone. The gland secretes multiple hormones, which contribute to growth spurts. These require anabolic steroid usage if proper amounts are not secreted by the pituitary gland. A medical doctor would administer anabolic steroids dosage to help develop throughout the particular period. Anabolic steroids have also been medically used in several pituitary gland malfunction cases.

Deca Durabolin anabolic steroid use has also been quite beneficial for transsexuals. If administered in substantial amounts, females would start developing male characteristics. Testosterone levels get stimulated by anabolic steroids, which shows up as body and facial hair growth, muscle growth, voice deepening, and dominant and aggressive personality types.

While steroids present multiple medical benefits, illegal usage scenarios cannot be ruled out too. Body builders and athletes are known for using steroids to gain muscle mass quickly, not considering the potential health concerns. Stringent drug tests are generally performed in professional sports to ensure athletes don’t get an unfair advantage through such steroid usage.