Graham Watson MEP

Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for South West England and Gibraltar

A local champion with an international reputation

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Constituent Feedback


Feedback From Constituents- 100% Authentic

On Graham's casework;


"I applaud the valuable work you continue to do as an MEP."


"Thank you for your positive and comprehensive reply to my e-mail on the above subject. It constrasted markedly to the one I received from Julie Girling...but I suppose I should know what to expect by now from any Conservative member...It is good to know that we have you in office."


"I would like to express my gratitude for the prompt and professional manner in which you dealt with my enquiry...A chance reading of the Parish Council notice board and a speculative letter to yourself, resulted in comprehensive advice and documentation within days of my enquiry letter."


"Thank you many times over. I now understand far better than I did the point of having a 'local champion' at a European Parliament. I wish you well with your career...and am grateful that you took the trouble to help us."


"I'd like to thank Sir Graham for his interest in this matter and for providing such a helpful response. I wish all MEPs were so conscientious."


'Whether you compose these rapid replies personally or give outlines to others to fill in the detail, your response rate, especially given your record of being ever on the move over vast distances is truely impressive and much appreciated.'


'Graham, thanks very much for your response, as always, thoughtful and comprehensive.'

 Ms L M-G


'Dear Sir Graham, Many thanks for your lengthy and informative reply regarding food labelling. You are the only MEP, with whom I have corresponded, who has even vaguely appeared to care about the issue- or at least who thinks that something positive can be done..'

M R, Dairy Farmer

'...I am very pleased to hear that animal welfare is high on your list of priorities and that you will be actively be supporting the cause of defenseless creatures. After all, they do not have a voice of their own and it is clearly important that there are people willing to stand up for their rights.

I had a very unhelpful reply from the Conservative MEP and I was very disappointed in his apparent arrogance and lack of interest.'


''Thank you - a much more sensible reply than the one I had from Giles Chichester!


''Thank you for your kind support for animal welfare - so many politicans simply do not care and one has written to inform me that his interests lie only in feeding people. Conern to see that people are fed is indeed commendable but to ignore the welfare of the animals on whom we depend is immoral.''


''Glad you are maintaining your commitment to action on climate change. Congratulations on for your hard work and costly time which contributed to your knighthood.''


''Thank you so much for your encouraging email: after a very negative reply from your fellow MEP it was good to hear from someone who is taking the matter seriously.''


''Thank you for your reply to my email about the CAP, I found it interesting and considerably more reassuring than my reply from Giles Chichester.''


''Well done Graham, the Whales & Dolphins need all the support that we can give them.''


''Thank you greatly for your response and all your hard work you have done so far. (unfortunately, your fellow MEPs in the South West don't even respond to my emails or argue it is not a cross border matter! so I am delighted to have received a positive response from yourself.)''

Mr M U, by email

''we thank you most sincerely, for your very recent E-mail, which appears to bring a positive conclusion and a very good result, from all your hard work and endeavors on our behalf. Both my wife and I are extremely grateful for what you have achieved and pass on youre gratitude to you and your team.''

''I personally believe, without your help there would have been no response and no success story.''

Mr and Mrs S R, Chippenham

''Many thanks for your detailed response, which beats, hands down, the identical 'off the shelf' responses I have received from two of your colleagues.''

Ms C D, by email

''I should like to record my thanks for the help you have given. There is often an overall impression that an MEP is not concerned with the problems of local individuals and I shall be pleased to tell people of my own experience to the contrary.''

Mr T, Taunton

''Thank you so much. It is so heartening to have you as our MEP!''

H S, by email

''Once again many thanks for your comprehensive reply. I do get your weekly email, thank you for your concerns in this matter, and I would like to express my gratitude for the work you do to improve animal welfare in the EU.''
Ms A, by email
''thank you very much for your detailed and sympathetic response to my email.I am so pleased and grateful that you hold such high standards and that you take the time to keep so well informed and to represent me and the many like me so well in Europe. I do realise there are many other pressing issues taking up your time - so thanks again''
Jan s by email
''Thank you very much for your informative reply and for your views on this subject, which made me both glad that I wrote to you and that you are my MEP.''
Jean M by email

''I look forward to not only voting for you, but also encouraging others to do so, because everything I have asked you have eithre done, or explained perfectly clearly why you can't and that is all that is asked.''

Chris S by email

''Thanks very much for your continued pressure on this issue and thanks for getting back to me! I have recently become a member of the Lib dem party and its the Lib Dems commitment to international issues like this that drew me to the party, thanks again.''

Mr Hughes, Bristol

''With your intervention we feel our group less lonely in this difficult campaign and it helps to raise in us the faith towards the future. We'll keep you updated about any development.''

Roberto, Matteo and Dario: EveryOne Group

''I wish my local Tory MP (Jacob Rees Mogg) who is an investment banker and is fairly knowledgeable on these matters was as prompt as you.''

Paul, North East Somerset

"Can I take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts, as I doubt this matter would have ever settled without your intervention."

James, Cirencester

Thank you for replying to our letter, we have been writing to MPs for three years and you are the only one to reply to our letters.

Tiffany, Glastonbury

Many thanks for your very helpful letter. I have also had a very positive response from Annette Brooke MP to my request for intervention. I knew we could always rely on Lib Dems for positive action!

P and B Lee

Graham, thank you so much for your support and very full reply. The help of informed representatives like yourself is so important in ensuring that human rights are not trampled on. I salute you!

Nick T

"You have many serious subjects to attend to in your role as an MEP and it was nice of you to take the time and trouble to advise on what must have seemed a minor issue. My wife and I appreciate your trouble."

Terence, Taunton

"It is nice to know that somebody actually reads these emails and from all the MEPs in the South West that I sent this to you are the only one who had the decency to reply."

Brian C

"I have emailed several people on this subject, from MPs, Councillors, MEPs and even a member of the House of Lords. I have had few replies thus far- yours being the most satisfactory, so thank you again."

Julie, Devon

"Thank you Graham. It was heartening to see your work and know that you care."

Rachel D, Email

"Thank you for your brilliant reply to my e-mail. Sounds like you are all I could ask for as an MEP. Four of my other MEPs did not respond. Very distressing."

Mr P, Bath

"Thank you for your letters. It was good of you to take the trouble to write back (3 times) with all the information."

Mrs C, Weston-super-Mare

"Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Not all MEPs seem to bother replying to messages, which is disappointing on their part."

Rob L, Plymouth

"I must admit that I had not really expected to hear back, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive your letter."

Rebecca, Somerset

"My involvement with R2RC is my first foray into 'lobbying' and at times I have become extremely disillusioned with the political process and the apparent inability of our elected politicians to make a difference. At a time when our MPs and MEPs are receiving a bad press, you have restored my faith! You have listened to your constituents, you have researched the subject, you have formed a view and you have acted. You are a credit to your profession."

A "Right to Repair Campaign" leader

"How refreshing to have a reply and then given the details on the website. You will be interested to know that I have received no reply from the other South West MEPs. Only they know why they do not respond."

RB, Totnes

"I think I like you!"

Mrs B, Devon

"Many thanks for your help in this matter. I am most impressed with the way in which you have dealt with my enquiry. It has really put my mind at rest."

John, Newquay

"I would just like to say thank you for being so efficient, you are the only MEP that I write to that I can say this about."

Andrea B

On Graham's Newsletter;

"They are a useful and valuable insight into the key activities at the EU. The newsletter has had a balanced content of news and goings on in the Parliament."

David W

"My understanding of what goes on in the EU is greatly enlightened by your reports and comments. I am sure I am not alone in greatly valuing them"

J, Exeter

"I find much to interest me in your writings; and it's good to receive them in such straight forward language!"

Jane, Glos

"I want to thank you for sending through your European Parliament letters each week. They are really interesting and give a good flavour of what goes on in the life of an MEP.

I have learned more about the EC from your letters than any other source.

Thanks for all the hard work you do on behalf of your constituents in the South West and Gibraltar."

Andrew R

On Graham's Visits;

"Very many thanks for delivering your lecture during our event in October. It was so important we had someone of your expertise, passion and political experience. You delivered an inspiring message both for us as groups and individuals and in the value of the political process. Your commitment to this cause gave us great encouragment."

The Revd Canon Philip Lambert